waaa…2 bulan lebih tak bukak blog and macam-macam dah jadi. well..after struggling like dying, undergoing serious infliction of stress and losing my precious, irreplaceable weight for about 3 kilos, finally..i’ve positioned myself in Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin, Bandung for internship,urm..i don’t really call it intership. it’s more like initial training for a junior doctor to handle out the real patients at first hand. 

salt n’ pepper


Trials and tribulations like salt and pepper. Without them, even the royal delicacies will taste unsavory and beyond palatable. Correspondingly,  our life too would become blithering dull, boring , lame and 1 inch short. but at times, we often feel that our life is surreptitiously cooked with too much “salt and pepper”.

what we’d do? we leave the dining table, self-loathing our mistakes that we can’t control instead of trying to figure out what we should do to bring back the taste.

sad, grievance, denial, angry and etc are the valid emotions when we confront with failure.especially if we don’t know what did we do wrong. In actuality, we can cook a new delicacies with so much better taste, heavenly scrumptious ONLY if we allow ourselves to learn; learn how to cope with those hurtful emotions, learn how to forgive the person who failed you,learning to emancipate yourself from negative emotions which are embedded deep in your heart against people who hurt you, learn to move forward and learn that different people have different insights about your failure.