Monthly Archives: October 2011

books always be my best friends




When I feel sad and unmotivated, I will do either dwell myself with good self-help books or remain helpless by listening to My Chemical Romance best song- Cancer. I woke up in the morning just now feeling very low and inadequate. I didn’t know why. As I chose not to be a loser in my own destiny, I decided to vent my distress at Bandung’s bookstore and indulged myself in very great rib’s steak at Abuba steakhouse. I also had a perfectly made hazelnut latte, my favorite in starbuck (its actually taste like the aftertaste of cigarette!!) I actually wanted to buy a coffee from Checo but since the barista was too lumpy and the queue was very exasperating, I decided to have a garde size coffee at Starbuks instead ( although I really wanted to take a sip of coffee from  Checo.)

And I back home reading this book and somehow, my spirit spiced up again. I really love this book and this guy, nick vujicic. This book is really awesome and worth my money.  Here are some of his quotes that really hit my conscience of greatness.

“too often we tell ourselves we aren’t smart enough or attractive enough or talented enough to pursue our dreams. we buy into what others say about us, or we put restrictions on ourselves, what worse is that when you consider yourself unworthy, you are putting limit on how God can work through you.”

“the injuries heal more quickly if you keep moving.”

“there are some occurrences in life that are not your fault and within your power to stop. The choices you have is either to give up or keep on striving for a better life. My advice is to know everything happened for a reason and in the end, good will come of it.”

I’m highly recommending this book. It is very easy for your brain to digest the content and he is not using words you might find in Reader’s Digest under “It Pays To Enrich Your Word Power”

Ok then. I will give you the testimony of this awesome book once I completed reading the whole chapters of this book. Have a wonderful weekend!  ^^

would you(strangers) give me an umbrella during a heavy rain?


Undeniably, everybody has problems regardless how minor the headache is. But somehow, do you ever wish while there are turbulence of problems wandering within, the world will stop for awhile, look at you and ask , “Are you ok?”

Yeah…that kind of situation would just possibly happen in the silver screen. The fact that our society has now been seriously flawed by stuffs and money until you must possess those materials to be recognized.  I feel schadenfeude when some people represent themselves with money, luxury goods and branded items. It is funny when you have to struggle your life for things not for somebody else that matter to you

Oh wait..that lady above had proved me wrong. There is still hope for me to see the world more positively in lieu of thinking that the world has over because of kindness is already a luxury to be afforded nowadays.

Lazy, lazy, lazy


Today I don’t feel like doing anything.woo woo woot~ huh..i think it just not only today I feel very lazy. As lazy as sloth!! The upcoming exam is very near around the corner but yet I still playfully happy. Hurm..I need to ponder why my motivation seems like weaning lately….