it NEVER comes..


haha..for the first time i post about LOVE in this blog..well..i will reassure you that i wouldn’t disclose my private life and make this blog like a private diary.hehe..just want to share something worth to share.we should be oblivious about the LOVE which is NEVER been fated to US for the FIRST PLACE.

Too often our ego won’t let it go so easily and blithely, THOUGH~

I hate to be old


it was quite devastated yesterday. as if i was struck by a terrible yet horrible storm directly on my face. i began to feel my soul detaching far away from my body.i felt like the every bad things lined up against me..

but somehow…i can’t control what was just happened.i don’t have a power to turn back time and fix what i was lacked in.even if i berated that old-bitch for making me felt profoundly awful,it wouldn’t change a thing. even i lay on my back and sob loudly,it wouldn’t make the universe to stop spinning and concentrating on my misery. No!it would never happen and never will! the inconvenient truth is that, they are practically “don’t care”.

so here we go..once we had transgressed from the realm of childhood into adulthood,we must braced ourselves with a new beginning of selfishness and oblivion.that’s why i hate to be old and adults.some teenagers are preoccupied with their surrealĀ fantasiesĀ of adolescence until they made their normal life cycle coup de grace.

trust me,in the real world, many people who are considered normal actually have some disorder to adapt with the new environment of irksome i wish to have a magical concoction to make me forever young, but like my post before..

“beautiful young people are the act of nature,but beautiful old people are the works of arts.” i wanna grab some food to pamper my shrinking tummy~